Dad’s 54 Chevy Truck

Dad's 54 Chevy Pickup
Dad’s 54 Chevy Pickup – pastels on mat board 11×14

In honor of Father’s Day I thought I’d post this pastel of my father’s truck.  Don’t be surprised if I post it again next year!  It’s not a new painting, but a favorite.  He never finished restoring the truck so that I could paint the “after” shot, but he did see and love this painting.

This pastel is done on a maroon piece of acid free mat board that I sanded a bit to give it a little more tooth.  When you sand mat board or paper (sometimes it helps to rough up Canson paper before using it too) you should use a very fine sanding block, not regular sand paper.  The block is sturdier and won’t make unwanted bends, folds or marks on the paper. Just a gentle once over is enough.

6 thoughts on “Dad’s 54 Chevy Truck

  1. This must have been a popular color for this truck. I have seen many like this and they are always this cool blue. Great photo great gift to your father. Happy Father’s Day. 🙂


    1. Yes, I’ve seen many this color too but now I’m seeing them fully restored in really wild colors – the truck is still popular. Unfortunately Dad passed away in 2008 and this truck wasn’t restored but it was something for him to putter with since Mom’s passing in 2004. I’m sure my obsession with making things and love of antique cars and trucks comes from him. I would have one of these trucks myself if I knew how to keep it running!


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