The Mokie Chronicles No. 18 – Discovery

The Mokie Chronicles No. 18 – Discovery is in response to Susanna Leonard Hill’s 2nd annual pretty much world famous illustrators contest [Deadline Today!]:

Of course, Mokie came to mind (when doesn’t she). πŸ™‚

So, without further adieu, Here is Mokienaught!!!!

Mokienaught - Discovery! - 8x10 ink and watercolor
Mokienaught – Discovery! – 8×10 ink and watercolor

Is she chasing the rabbit on the moon? or maybe looking for Pluto?


28 thoughts on “The Mokie Chronicles No. 18 – Discovery

  1. Looks like Mokie is in for all kinds of adventure and discovery! What a wonderful illustration! Thanks so much for entering the contest fun, Doreen! (And your name seems familiar… did you have an entry in the art show at NJSCBWI?)

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