Marsh by the Gate

Today on my bike ride I stopped by the gazebo at the front gate and painted a small (5×7) watercolor of the marsh there.

Gate Marsh - 5x7 - watercolor plein air
Gate Marsh – 5×7 – watercolor plein air

I used Fabriano hot pressed 140 lb. paper and not very many colors. Manganese blue, Quinacridone gold, Quinicradone sienna and green gold – all Daniel Smith.

Sort of an abstract, scribbled sketch. ūüôā


Laid Paper

Following up on my post about the reed pen, laid paper is what Van Gogh used for many of his¬†drawings. The only laid paper that I’ve tried are a “business” paper that is actually¬†found in an office supply store and a sketch paper made by Arches.

Here is a good article on paper:

Laid paper has a screen texture from the process used to make it. Here is a close up:

laid paper texture
laid paper texture

(If you google images of laid paper you might get a clearer picture.)

Finch on Southworth paper - micron pen
Finch on Southworth paper – micron pen
Finch on Arches paper - reed pen
Finch on Arches paper – reed pen

Both papers were nice to work on, but the pen did glide smoothly on the Southworth paper, a watermarked stationery and there was some drag on the Arches paper.

Southworth, Antique Laid, business paper, 24 lb. – ivory – 25% cotton, watermarked.

Arches Laid Paper – sketch – (Ingres) – 70 lb. – 75% cotton