My name is Doreen E. Lepore and my addiction to crayons started when I was three years old. Over time the addiction grew to include oil paint, pastels, charcoal, watercolor, ink and anything else that looked tasty in the art supply stores.

Shooting the breeze with Uncle Bob at Jones Beach.
Shooting the breeze with Uncle Bob at Jones Beach, LI, NY. We were probably talking about how you can’t take your crayons to the beach because they melt.

There is nothing that makes me happier than a newfangled medium, paper, or method of joining the two. I’ll admit I haven’t tried absolutely everything but should get an “A” for trying a lot.

Spring Marsh
Spring Marsh – pastels on sanded paper

A short time ago I had a wonderful therapy dog named Jenny. Her blog is here: https://mybffjenny.wordpress.com/ Jenny and I would visit elementary schools to help children with their issues. We spent many hours in the library. The children and I looking for books and Jenny making sure there were no lizards on the shelves. It was there that I first thought of writing and illustrating children’s books.

Meeting Jenny
Meeting Jenny

The Mokie Chronicles on this blog are about our new dog Mokie, who is not a therapy dog, other than to us. If she could curb her barking habit she might be able to pass the therapy dog tests. However, she is fun to draw and might make her way into a book some day.

Birthday Mokie - watercolor and ink
Birthday Mokie – Tangie, Vinney, Mokie, Cooper, and Andy the puppy – watercolor and ink

Although my blog started out as a fine art type of blog, it’s still all about art, but now includes writing and illustrating for children, a great use of all my obsessions.

Reading a good book
Reading a good book – actually just looking at the pictures.

4/29/17 – An update! It finally drove me crazy having the children’s book author/illustration self mixed in with the fine art self and I’ve started a separate blog to simplify everything.

From now on the illustration blog is at https://doreenelepore.net

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