Torrit Bird

Torrit Bird
Torrit Bird – oil on panel – 5×7 – for the annual Gamblin Torrit Grey contest
Torrit Bird Too - 6x8 oil on panel
Torrit Bird Too – 6×8 oil on panel – not entered in the annual Gamblin Torrit Grey contest

Each year the Gamblin paint company cleans their filter and makes paint out of the pigment they collect.  They put it in a tube and when you buy their paint, you receive a free tube of this random grey paint.  The color can be different every year.  They call it Torrit Grey. (I believe Torrit is the filtering system.)  Also every year Gamblin paint company holds a contest and you can see the rules for yourself at their website:  There is a link there to see past shows and winners.

Basically you must paint with the current year torrit grey paint and you can use any white and a black.

My Torrit Bird paintings were painted with just the torrit grey and white – Gamblin’s Flake White Replacement.

Even though they allow you to enter 3 works, I only entered the top bird – he was my favorite.


The Sketchbook Project

The Sketchbook Project is fun to do and I’ve just signed up for the 2013 project.  In a nutshell – you sign up, pay for a blank sketchbook plus touring expenses and when you return it to the ArtHouse Coop it is cataloged and then goes on tour.

Here are some pages from my 2011 sketchbook – my theme was “Down my Road”, so these are all very local scenes.:

Japanese Bridge
Japanese Bridge – 2011 Sketchbook Project – watercolor crayons and market pens
Five Dollar Beach
Five Dollar Beach – 2011 Sketchbook Project – watercolor crayon and marker pens
Sailing by Jupiter Lighthouse
Sailing by Jupiter Lighthouse – 2011 Sketchbook Project – watercolor crayon and marker pens
Hobe Sound Beach
Hobe Sound Beach – 2011 Sketchbook Project – watercolor crayon and marker pen
My Neighbor's Lemon Tree
My Neighbor’s Lemon Tree – 2011 Sketchbook Project – watercolor crayon and marker pen

and last but not least because it is once again that great spot on the Loxahatchee River:

Loxahatchee River
Loxahatchee River – 2011 Sketchbook Project – watercolor crayon and marker pen

There were many more pages but this is enough to give you the gist of the sketchbook. The method that I used was fun.  The first sketch is with watercolor crayon, then apply water, let that dry, use the marker pens to outline or do some fancy scribbling and then a final layer of gray or white on top for atmosphere.

I’ve scanned in the 2012 sketchbook but haven’t downsized the files yet. Will post soon.

Now I’m looking forward to the 2013 project and hope I don’t procrastinate as much as I usually do finding myself filling the book two days before it’s due.

The same path

So, after I posted and edited and updated “This Way to the Beach” I was thinking about it and it seemed like something that would be a fun monotype print.  Apparently, that thought ran across my mind before because here it is – done already:

This Way to the Beach Again

In fact, it’s posted on my original WordPress blog, that I haven’t been using because it didn’t link me to my location.

That blog is found at: and oddly enough, my last post was on monotypes, this one included.   Hope you don’t mind the resurrection.

Please let me know if there is  too much redundancy because obviously it doesn’t occur to me.  Sometimes I’ll draw or paint the same thing until it’s right or because it’s a pleasant composition.  Don’t you think it’s interesting to see how the same subject looks with different mediums?

Hobe Sound Beach Umbrellas

The actual title of this painting is “Postcard from Paradise” but it’s the usual spot at Hobe Sound Beach.  This was done from a photograph that I had taken, actually I had taken many photographs that day because while I was there painting another painting more umbrellas kept popping up.  I wanted to be sure that I had the maximum number of umbrellas and this is what I ended up with.  The beach drops off and people set themselves up on the edge of the dune.

This is a pastel painting on Wallis Museum Grade paper.  It’s a decent size – 18×24 and I started with a water color underpainting.  The underpainting is mostly a block in of complementary colors. So, in the grassy foreground I used a reddish brown and pink for the sky and water.  An underpainting also saves on pastels, because the Wallis paper is a sanded paper that will eat up the pastels fairly quickly.

Postcard From Paradise
Pastel Painting - 18x24



Hobe Sound Beach continued………..

It occurred to me this morning that I have more to show from Hobe Sound Beach and don’t know why my post was so short yesterday. My plan isn’t to blog daily because then I wouldn’t get any painting done, but will post frequently to start anyway.


End of Hobe Sound Beach
Oil - knife painting - 5x7


This is a full shot of the painting that I use on my header and avatar.  If you walk down to the end of Hobe Sound Beach this is what you see.  Because it’s such a hike I painted this from a photo instead of hauling my art supplies out there.


I’ve also painted this view in pastels and it usually is hanging up at JayMar in Stuart, FL where I sometimes teach pastels.


Beach End
Pastels on Canson


Here is the larger version of the lifeguard station that I painted on location:


Hobe Sound Life Guard Station
Oil on panel - plein air knife painting - 12x16

Hobe Sound Beach

Caution Flag
Caution Flag - Oil - 5x7


This is one of my small works – in fact I’ve painted this in a larger format as well.  The lifeguard station is actually not the coolest type of lifeguard station in FL.  It’s one of those metal things that seem to be portable.  I’d prefer a nice old wooden structure with more character like the ones down in South Beach.