Worldwide Paintout

Jupiter Inlet
Jupiter Inlet, DuBois Park, 14×11 Oil on Panel

Done last weekend for the 10th annual world wide paint out.  Went down to DuBois Park and set up toward the inlet.

DuBois Park facing inlet
DuBois Park facing inlet – notice the partiers to my right – they never even offered me a hot dog – not that I eat hot dogs.

It was a nice day but there was a storm coming in from the ocean.  That gave me a great cloud to work on though. It sprinkled a little while I was there but as soon as it started to thunder I packed up and left.


Live Oak Concerto

Live Oak Concerto
Live Oak Concerto – Oil on Panel – 12×16

Haven’t had a chance to post anything lately.

These live oaks are located at Adams Ranch in Ft. Pierce.  They have such a happy,  lyrical,  uplifting look to them that I had to paint them with happy squiggles.

The painting panels I use are “Pintura” and they are canvas on wood.

Tin Roof – Rusted

Tin Roof - Rusted
Tin Roof – Rusted – oil on panel – knife painting – 11×14

This painting was done in Ft. Pierce as part of an invitational paint out.  The last time I was in the neighborhood, this building was completely renovated.  It wouldn’t be my choice as a painting subject anymore because all the character was removed.

The title is from that song by the B52’s – “Love Shack”.  Of course being in Ft. Pierce it was probably more likely a Drug Shack.

John Pierce Barnes

There was an interesting article in the June issue of “Pastel Journal”  titled “History Reclaimed” about John Pierce Barnes (1893-1954), an impressionist artist, who was discovered recently.  The pastel paintings that they show on the Pastel Journal website are stunning.  In order to avoid any problems I haven’t included any pictures of his paintings here.

This link is to the Pastel Journal Blog:

You can read the story in the following link,  about how the curator of his paintings, Katherine Stanko, learned that the paintings existed and had been in storage since the artists death or maybe longer.

“THE RESURRECTION OF ARTIST JOHN PIERCE BARNES, RCA Worker and Impressionist Painter” By Hoag Levins is here:

What inspires me the most is how wonderful his color choices were and his bold strokes.  Many pastelists blend the heck out of their work and it thrills me to see unblended work from the 1920’s.  It is also pretty easy to put together his very simple plein air palette from his work, which, of course, I had to do.  It seems to be very limited, which is great for going out on location.  Possibly, he had a small landscape set – I don’t know what was available in the ’20’s.  I managed to fit all the colors into a small 5″x4″ box – it doesn’t get better than that!

Since I don’t keep the names of my colors, and now realize I have way too many colors, yet, not enough of these colors, I’ve made a color chart of what his palette probably was.

John Pierce Barnes Palette
John Pierce Barnes Palette – it looks a little dark here but see below for actual pastel sticks
pastels for plein air
pastels for plein air – in a little cigar box

If it would stop raining I’d take them for a test ride.:)