Framing Tips for Artists

This is from my custom framing website and thought some might find something useful in this list of tips.

A well framed work of art reflects on the artist’s professionalism.

Use archival acid free framing materials to better preserve your piece of art.

Mats should be ragboard, 100% cotton rag.  The color selection is much wider than it used to be.

If you are framing to sell, consider using the most elegant selections possible that would fit in with any décor.  This not only increases the chance of a sale but really showcases your artwork. It’s great when the buyer’s first thought is not one of what to do about the frame but one of admiration of the total package.

If you are framing for a juried show then choose the most conservative route.  Neutral color mats with plain frames. Your work will fit in anywhere!

No matter what choices you make be sure to make a solid presentation with the best archival material you can afford.

Matting Guide:

How you mat your work can add to or detract from your piece of art.

An undersized border will make your work looked cramped.  Here are some good guidelines for mat border sizing:

    Up to 11×14 use a 2.5” border
    Up to 16×20 use a 3” border
    Up to 24×28 use a 4” border
    Larger than 32×40 use a 6” or larger border

The next thing to address is deciding on the border weighting.  A really great look for small work is to use an oversize border, which makes the work stand out more and look important.

In general,  if the artwork itself has an evenly weighted composition then the borders too should be evenly weighted.

Increasing the bottom border by no more than 1” will lift the art visually

If the work is vertical and tall, adding weight at the bottom is effective.

Wide side borders look well with a long, narrow, horizontal image.



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