Riverbend - 8x10 Oil on Panel - Plein Air

Last week I painted this at Riverbend Park in Jupiter, FL.  It was the first time there for me and I was surprised at how big the park actually is.  There were many scenic views to choose from but since my pan head connection (the little foot that connects my palette to the tripod) was nowhere to be found, I had to make use of one of the picnic tables that had the added convenience of a chickee roof.  (The things that are made out of palm fronds.)

When I first arrived there was a man fishing on the river bank and he had all his gear on what I considered prime real estate – the picnic table with the view.  When I asked if we could share the table he was more than happy to accommodate, so problem solved.

However, not long after getting set up and ready to paint there were several more people that joined the painting group I was there with.  They saw me and thought that was the place to be, so we literally moved him completely out.  At first I felt bad, but he seemed to be enjoying the comradery and really, fishing/plein air painting, same thing.

The only down side was that two of the ladies set up in  front of me, sort of obstructing my view, but you win some and you lose some.  In the end, I won this little painting and I managed to get home before it rained!:)

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