2013 Sketchbook Project – Frogology

My 2013 Sketchbook Project is called Frogology because it’s about Frogs. Most of the frogs in the book are extinct and on the back cover there is a list of frogs that are missing. I wasn’t able to scan the whole list but the website is written there where you can read the list for yourselves.

Again, I used mostly watercolor crayons and ink. Some drawings are in colored pencil and the last is graphite. It was a fun sketchbook to do because the frogs are colorful and fun to draw. It also felt good to give the frog issue attention. The cover is brightly printed fabric.


6 thoughts on “2013 Sketchbook Project – Frogology

  1. I love your sketch book and all the frogs you have drawn! When the kids were younger frogs were always a favorite animal. We love them!


  2. Thanks Lisa! The frogs need all the help they can get now. It’s sad to see so many are gone now and that some are only able to survive in captivity but at least the scientists are working on the problem(s). The FL frogs seem to be happy and healthy!


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