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Normally I’m the last person to get on a soap box about anything, preferring to keep my opinions to myself – most of the time – but this morning there was an interview on the Today Show that so annoyed me that I had to share part of the transcript with anyone that cares to join me in my anger.

“Binky begone: Latin singer Thalia has new children’s book

Popular Latina singer Thalia has written a children’s book titled “Chupie: The Binky that Returned Home” and says that the story provides children with their first experience of letting go.”

Here is the offending bit of the interview:

Matt Laur asks:  ”  — by the way, the illustrations in the book are wonderful and i know that’s a hard thing for a first time author of a children’s book to come up with the right  illustrator. how did you do that?

>> i’m very creative and it’s like my hobby is paint and i did all of these illustrations so it took me two years to find the right illustrator that would capture my essence and respect the castle, the lollipops, everything. i got that person and we created this magic kingdom and then the most important are the steps to help your kid getting rid of the pacy. what i think is its the first appearance of getting — letting go. you know, for a human being it’s very difficult to let go so for a baby it’s terrible. so it’s the first experience to let go and it’s okay.

>> great advice for parents. are you going to do more.

>> yes. this is my fourth. this is the first child book and i’m very excited.”

How very unprofessional, selfish and outright wrong of her to refer to the illustrator as “that person”. (the bold italics are mine) 🙂

She outright refused to give any credit to the illustrator.

So, this is a warning to illustrators, if this woman calls you, don’t answer.

Thanks, I feel better now.

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