Worldwide Paintout

Jupiter Inlet
Jupiter Inlet, DuBois Park, 14×11 Oil on Panel

Done last weekend for the 10th annual world wide paint out.  Went down to DuBois Park and set up toward the inlet.

DuBois Park facing inlet
DuBois Park facing inlet – notice the partiers to my right – they never even offered me a hot dog – not that I eat hot dogs.

It was a nice day but there was a storm coming in from the ocean.  That gave me a great cloud to work on though. It sprinkled a little while I was there but as soon as it started to thunder I packed up and left.


Tin Roof – Rusted

Tin Roof - Rusted
Tin Roof – Rusted – oil on panel – knife painting – 11×14

This painting was done in Ft. Pierce as part of an invitational paint out.  The last time I was in the neighborhood, this building was completely renovated.  It wouldn’t be my choice as a painting subject anymore because all the character was removed.

The title is from that song by the B52’s – “Love Shack”.  Of course being in Ft. Pierce it was probably more likely a Drug Shack.

Repeating Myself Again

Here is one of my favorite painting spots at Jonathan Dickinson State Park on the bank of the Loxahatchee River.  In the past I’ve seen very large gators here and often there are kayakers going by too.  Not together.

This first plein air is done on an 8×10 panel that I made with a gritty coating to give the surface texture.  It’s done in pastels, pure brilliant pigment – in stick form – better than crayons!

Loxahatchee River
Loxahatchee River – 8×10 Pastel on Textured Panel – the gesso mixture used was also tinted light cadmium red and you can see the surface coming through

Next on the Loxahatchee, same place different day and time, was also a textured panel – much bigger and was done as a class demonstration.  The class wanted to also see how to underpaint so I used some rubbing alcohol over the pastels, which solidified the background.  Then I waited a bit for the painting to dry and finished the pastel on top.


Loxahatchee Again - 12x16 Pastel on Panel
Loxahatchee Again – 12×16 Pastel on Panel

Wait, I’m not done – there’s one more for now – this one is same place – of course a different day and time and different paper!  Viewpoint is slightly farther down on the river bank.  This one is my favorite – it too has an underpainting – this time with watercolor.

Banks of Loxahatchee - 9x12 - Pastel on sanded paper
Banks of Loxahatchee – 9×12 – Pastel on sanded paper

The watercolor underpainting is a great tool.  You can get some great darks in without getting too messy and build some beautiful shadow areas.  Also the pink undertone in the sky and water adds luminosity and air.

Looking at all these together like this makes me want to go there again.

I can’t promise that these are all the paintings that I have done or will do of the Loxahatchee River.


Riverbend - 8x10 Oil on Panel - Plein Air

Last week I painted this at Riverbend Park in Jupiter, FL.  It was the first time there for me and I was surprised at how big the park actually is.  There were many scenic views to choose from but since my pan head connection (the little foot that connects my palette to the tripod) was nowhere to be found, I had to make use of one of the picnic tables that had the added convenience of a chickee roof.  (The things that are made out of palm fronds.)

When I first arrived there was a man fishing on the river bank and he had all his gear on what I considered prime real estate – the picnic table with the view.  When I asked if we could share the table he was more than happy to accommodate, so problem solved.

However, not long after getting set up and ready to paint there were several more people that joined the painting group I was there with.  They saw me and thought that was the place to be, so we literally moved him completely out.  At first I felt bad, but he seemed to be enjoying the comradery and really, fishing/plein air painting, same thing.

The only down side was that two of the ladies set up in  front of me, sort of obstructing my view, but you win some and you lose some.  In the end, I won this little painting and I managed to get home before it rained!:)