My tree frog obsession

Aunt Lily
Aunt Lily – pencil drawing

Lately, I’ve been working on tree frog drawings and paintings because I’m totally obsessed with frogs.  Well, I’ve always liked frogs and I’m not really totally obsessed but actually trying to write and illustrate a children’s book about tree frogs.

This drawing is just my idea for a character I call Aunt Lily.

While researching the tree frogs I came upon disturbing information about our amphibian population and if you are a facebook friend, I’ve posted this organization on there a couple of times and want to put their link here too.

Amphibian Rescue

Also, here is a very informative video that you can watch in full on – “Frogs – The Thin Green Line”

Hopefully you don’t get bored with the subject of frogs, but they are in serious danger from many environmental factors and a devastating fungus that has recently killed off way too many frogs.  The situation needs as much attention as it can get.


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