The Sungod and the Parakeet

The Sun God and the Parakeet
The Sun God and the Parakeet – Pastel – 18×24

This still life is a collection of thrift store finds, ebay purchases and a contribution from my friend Nancy.

The parakeet is an absinthe pitcher and was the one that I settled for, not that I don’t love it.  The first one that caught my eye, on ebay, was a bit different, probably older with an open beak and his wings were starting to open.  He was magnificent and my $45 bid came nowhere near close to what he sold for.  That started my obsession with figural pieces, like these tiki mugs.  The mugs weren’t expensive, but fun.  The little sun god (that would be the brown one, that is more like a statue than a mug, is double sided – the same on both sides.

It’s definitely one of the most colorful still lifes I’ve ever done.

The painting is on Kitty Wallis sanded Museum grade paper and I toned the paper with two colors of pigment dispersion.

2 thoughts on “The Sungod and the Parakeet

  1. Thanks! It’s pure pigment – the pigment dispersion is very intense and is put on like watercolor, but is just pigment, similar to pastels. There is cad yellow on the top and magenta on the bottom where the table is. The texture and scribbles are the pastels on top of that.


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