Orchid for #WorldWatercolorMonth

Miltonia orchid
Miltonia – 5×7 – Daniel Smith watercolors on 140 lb. Fabriano Artistico hot pressed extra white

Already bending the rules a little, this is a watercolor sketch done near the end of June – but posted in July!

One of the main goals of watercolor month is to raise awareness of the need for art education and supplies for students through the Dreaming Zebra Foundation. I’ve put this link in my sidebar so you can check that out too.


Palm Trees for #WorldWatercolorMonth

July has been declared #WorldWatercolorMonth and it seems like a fun idea to me. I’ll try to post a watercolor every day in July but don’t know if I’ll succeed. If you want to join in or want to know more about it you can go here https://doodlewash.com/world-watercolor-month-july-2016/ on
Charlie O’Shields blog “doodlewash”.

Ranch Palms - watercolor
Ranch Palms – 5×7 – Daniel Smith watercolors on 140 lb. Arches Cold Press

New sketchbook page

There is  new page here that I’m just calling sketchbook that will be for drawings. There are other pages that were added recently also, but maybe I haven’t mentioned them.

The first drawing was from a daily prompt on facebook that I’ve just started following and, of course, starred our new girl Mocha. Here it is in case you don’t go to the new page.

old toy new toy - doodle day prompt old and new
old toy new toy – doodle day prompt old and new

2013 Sketchbook Project – Frogology

My 2013 Sketchbook Project is called Frogology because it’s about Frogs. Most of the frogs in the book are extinct and on the back cover there is a list of frogs that are missing. I wasn’t able to scan the whole list but the website is written there where you can read the list for yourselves.

Again, I used mostly watercolor crayons and ink. Some drawings are in colored pencil and the last is graphite. It was a fun sketchbook to do because the frogs are colorful and fun to draw. It also felt good to give the frog issue attention. The cover is brightly printed fabric.


My tree frog obsession

Aunt Lily
Aunt Lily – pencil drawing

Lately, I’ve been working on tree frog drawings and paintings because I’m totally obsessed with frogs.  Well, I’ve always liked frogs and I’m not really totally obsessed but actually trying to write and illustrate a children’s book about tree frogs.

This drawing is just my idea for a character I call Aunt Lily.

While researching the tree frogs I came upon disturbing information about our amphibian population and if you are a facebook friend, I’ve posted this organization on there a couple of times and want to put their link here too.

Amphibian Rescue


Also, here is a very informative video that you can watch in full on PBS.org – “Frogs – The Thin Green Line”


Hopefully you don’t get bored with the subject of frogs, but they are in serious danger from many environmental factors and a devastating fungus that has recently killed off way too many frogs.  The situation needs as much attention as it can get.


Sketchbook pages from 2012 Sketchbook Project

Goldfish – watercolor – Framed by Mango Paper

For the 2012 Sketchbook Project (I’ve put a link over there on the right for ArtHouse Coop) I wanted to do something different.  It’s a great way to try out new things and experiment.  There is a large portfolio in my supply closet with assorted handmade papers so it seemed a good place to start.

Some of the papers were crinkled up and colored with water colors – sort of dyed.  The colors made a small palette of purple, green, blue and orange.  Then of course there was white paper.  One piece of paper was hand made mango paper – appropriate for my part of the world. My decision was that the sketchbook would be all about paper as a medium.

Although collage is not one of my mediums – it seemed the right thing to do.

Clementine – drawn, then collaged with prepainted paper pieces – THEN more mango paper and THEN some watercolor crayons on top – whew
A Pear – same process as the clementine

Beach – centerfold – this one is done with torn bits of white paper glued onto the pages – then painted with watercolor on top – lots of texture
Sailboat – torn prepainted paper
Tree painted with ink on mango paper

and then there were two pages that are from a book of my husband’s – in honor of the mathematicians:

For the right brained mathematician

Can’t wait to figure out what to put into the 2013 sketchbook.